event schedule

Main Room

10:00-10:05Open RemarksPedro Rivera
10:20-10:50FTX DebacleChris Mack, David Namdar, Min Kim, Jason Stone, Ryan Lackey, and Mike MiglioPedro Rivera
10:55-11:25How do digital assets play a role a global macroeconomics?Yaron BrookSarah Clayton
11:30-11:50Philosophy of CryptoLuke StokesMin Kim
11:55-12:15Philcoin PresentationJerry LopezPedro Rivera
12:20-12:50Decentralized Identity in the Metaverse and BeyondBrittany Keiser, Rouven Heck Crystal Rose and Luke StokesPedro RFivera
12:55-1:10Si Dao Investing in PR PresentationSam & Amanda CassattBrandi Veil
1:50-2:20Bear Market Strategies for Investors and founders alikeMichael Terpin, David Namdar, Jerry Lopez, Sam CassattMin Kim
2:25-3:10Is the industry where we thought it would be when we started and where do we see the industry going within the next 5-10 years?Hannah Rosenberg, Brock Pierce, Sean King, Michael Terpin, David Namdar, Ryan LackeyPedro Rivera
3:15-3:35Back to BasicsBen SigmanPedro Rivera
3:00-6:00 Open Bar
3:35-4:05Bad Crypto PodcastTravis Wright and Joel CommPedro Rivera
4:15-4:35Kassia PresentationFernando LlavonaMasha Prusso
4:45-5:05Bitcoin LightingHannah RosenbergSarah Clayton
5:05-5:25Keynote on Decentralized IdentityCraig SellersPedro Rivera
5:25-5:30Closing remarksPedro Rivera
5:25-7:00Firedancer and DJ outside

Ballroom C

10:15-10:45Philanthropy in crypto, bitcoin for the greater goodBrittany Kaiser, Jerry Lopez, Crystal RoseBrandi Veil
10:55-11:25Is DeFi done?Jason Stone, John Divine, Patrick Horseman, Josh BergerPedro Rivera
11:35-12:05Metaverse: How do we get the mass adoption?Fernando LLavoda, Min Kim, Amanda Cassatt, Ben SigmanMasha Prusso
12:15-12:45GameFiGeoff McCabe, Jerry Lopez, Brandi Veil, Joel CommSarah Clayton
12:50-1:00Just BreatheChristina Wolfe
1:50-2:20DAOs and governanceAmanda Cassat, Luke Stokes, Brittany Keiser, Min KimPedro Rivera
2:30-3:00Ready Layer 1Neil Kapoor, Sergey Grybniak, Sam Cassatt, Kyle ArmourMasha Prusso
3:00-6:00Open Bar
3:10-3:40Desci- How is Decentralized Science going to change our world Matt McKibben, Tom Varney, Brock, Sean KingMin Kim
4:05:4:25Are NFTs Dead?Jordan Fried, Jason Stone, Sher Van, Travis WrightPedro Rivera
4:30-4:50Risk management via options market presentationJohn Divine Masha Prusso
5:25-7:00Firedancer and DJ outside